Giveaway with Tweexy


This one is for all my ladies who know the struggle of painting your nails and have made a mess or to in the past. I present to you Tweexy! Tweexy is your savor for when you paint your nails with your non dominant hand so therefore you may be a little shaky or don’t want to accidentally spill some polish as you are about to apply it on your nails and it falls on the table, (which I have done in the past). Plus it is super light, will fit any nail polish you have and is super affordable, so start getting some for stocking stuffers! And you have a chance to win one for yourself, be sure to enter at the end of this post!

A few tips for using tweexy:
• You can remove tweexy from your hand just by pulling up on the crown (the top part that holds the bottle). You don’t need to use the squeeze tabs that expand the rings.
• You can move tweexy to your thumb (just use one ring), if you have a thumb that’s more turned on its side — a lot of people do.
• You can slide the rings on when your nails are dry or unpolished, or you can squeeze the squeeze tabs to expand the rings and apply to two fingers so you don’t smudge.
This is a good video to watch about lifting the triangles on the crown for tapered bottles.

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Snapshots by: Kelly B.


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