Men’s Product Review – Uppercut Conditioner & Matt Clay

Uppercut Conditioner $15


Easy pump action (2x)
Nice peppermint smell
Smooth, not too thick, not too thin
Hair feels smooth after treatment
Affordable price
Easy to wash out


Peppermint smell not strong enough
Prefer thicker conditioners

Summary: 3.8 / 5 stars

A reasonably priced conditioner that guys can rely on without being afraid of feminine packaging or smell. Does its job well-enough and leaves hair much healthier after use. While I typically prefer strong peppermint smelling products (as well as the tingling sensation), I could hardly detect any of note. Additionally, I typically lean more towards thicker conditioners but I guess something had to give in order for the pump action to work effectively. Uppercut Conditioner was easy to rinse out of my hair unlike very thick conditioners I’ve used in the past. I would recommend the average guy to work this product into their shower routine if he does not currently use any conditioner. Find it here at Face & Body Shoppe.

Uppercut Matt Clay $18


Strong, workable hold
Lasting hold
A little product goes a looong way
Cool manly packaging
Rinses out fine


Very hard to work with
Very hard to apply
Not water-soluble

Summary: 3 / 5 stars

At first glance, I love the metal tin packaging and overall design of Uppercut’s line of products. On opening the tin and rubbing a dime-sized amount in my palms, I found this to be one of the most difficult products to apply! Holy cow, this was some heavy duty wax folks. I was 100% certain I could climb a wall like spiderman with this product in my palms. Undeterred, I applied a small amount in my dry hair and slowly worked in the product, sweeping and grabbing my hair to distribute. Once satisfied with the hold I intended to rinse off the product from my palms…nope. Soap was needed to rid myself of this mighty hold. Be gone!

That being said, the product was excellent at holding my hair in place (with such a small amount!). If you’ve ever tried using a men’s hair wax you may notice that these products tend to weigh your hair down. This can flatten certain hairstyles depending on what your set-up is. A hidden positive of Uppercut’s Matt Clay is that you do not need much to get a hold. This decreases the weight of the product in your hair and effectively holds everything in place – may I add that it is very pliable / workable once in your hair. The application though! It’s an experience dude…

Additionally, I could not distinguish any particularly strong scent. This would be a positive for guys looking for a neutral scent. The product has little to no shine whatsoever and maintains that natural look everyone wants. Finally, I did not notice any residual product in my hair after shampooing which is a quality I usually require.

When all is said and done I would recommend an easier product to work with. This is the toughest grooming product I’ve ever used and although it works, there are definitely some higher quality clays out there that are infinitely easier to use.

*Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for a fair and honest review of their overall quality. All opinions expressed are my own.