If you think that I keep a natural glow all year round without any effort, boy do I have you fooled! Because I self tan once Winter hits to keep that sun kissed skin but let me tell ya no matter how you tan it can get messy. Meaning, that a day or 2 after tanning when you go to bed (from past experience) your body may releasing some of the self tanner which means your bed sheets amy also be getting a tan. So if you want to keep your tan to yourself  I suggest you get yourself a self tan sheet protector from Tanzee! It essentially is a mini (sheet) sleeping bag for you, in which you can insert your pillow and sleep comfortably in so your self tanner doesn’t get your sheets dirty!


Introducing the original fake tan bed protector, TanzeeKeeping it simple in black, Tanzee is a Patent registered product that ensures stain-free and blissful sleeping. Made from a 100% vegan-friendly, high-quality Microfiber Art Silk fabric that keeps you both cool and snug. Comfortably designed, Tanzee is a double-layered sleeping slip made up of a built-in pillowcase and a protective flap for the quilt. Tanzee comes in three sizes allowing you to move around without staining the sheets. Maintain your tan, slip into your Tanzee and enjoy a cozy night’s sleep without the fuss.


Get your self tan protector sheet here (they also come in rose gold and silver)tanzee.review tanzee.review

In case you’re curious to know which self tanner I use St. Tropez (click here)


 Snapshots by: @mattealinae_art

Thank you to Tanzee for sponsoring this post, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Gracias a Tanzee por patrocinar este post. Todas las opiniones y ideas son mías.

As always, thank you for reading. Como siempre, gracias por leer.


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