How to Wear a Graphic Tee in the Summer

Anyone else wear a graphic tee with a skull and it automatically takes you back to your teenage years? Well skulls have always been my favorite and to this day I still love them, especially sugar skulls because they are so bright and colorful! I wore this tee from Vividly Couture when I was strolling through Lafayette Square in St. Louis on my way to grab some ice cream from my new favorite spot Clementine’s Naughty or Nice Creamery. Even better I just found out that they opened a second location near my home on Demun and now I no longer will have to make the drive out to Lafayette Square for a scoop of ice cream. Now Chris and I can ride the scooter down the street! Oh the little joys of life.

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Thank you to Vividly Couture for sponsoring this post, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Gracias a Vividly Couture por patrocinar este post. Todas las opiniones y ideas son mías.

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Snapshots by: Zach Dalin

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